Birthday —
one exciting
year and more
to come!
Hooray! We have a birthday, and you get presents. Claim an exclusive NFT to open access to amazing raffles
and earn money!
All raffles are over, congrats to the winners!

Who can participate?

Users who have ever bought or sold NFTs on Liquidifty
Users who have minted NFTs
on Liquidifty before 21th of May
One user can claim one NFT
Gifts for all
birthday NFT holders!
1st Week Raffle starts on June 1
Be ready to get NFTs of the epic gaming projects and Liquidifty Launchpad passes to get an access to IDO of the most promising projects on the market.
2nd Week Raffle starts on June 8
NFTs of Drunk Robots — seven brutal rare Robots will greet you with metal booze, ready to fight and have fun together in Los Machines.
3rd Week Raffle starts on June 15
The last week will give you a chance to get NFTs of the ones of the most promising Ethereum PFP projects!

Let’s celebrate

Claim NFTs and participate in epic raffles.
Look what we've done this year ♥
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